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Rank Title and Description Rating In Out
61 Journey In the Spirit
NR 7 256
Inspirational stories, personal experience, and articles that are all Bible-based and spiritual growth oriented. Comments
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62 Best Christian Shop
NR 1 253
We are your family based shop and source for the best of today's Christian, Jewish and Holy Land gifts. Whether you are looking for Christian t shirts for the whole family or Christian shoes to spread the gospel and walk in the word. We have Christian Bi Comments
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63 The Biblical Path To Wellness
NR 0 252
A Simple Guide To Finding Balance In Your Life Comments
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64 Final Generation Ministries
NR 57 250
Final Generation.net Ministries - End Times Prophecy in our life time, this generation - The End Times have arrived on planet Earth - We live in ever increasing troubled times which the Bible refers t Comments
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65 Prophecy News
NR 311 244
How current events are fulfilling Biblical prophecy today Comments
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66 Children's Moment
NR 27 242
Children's sermons for worship services, 5 - 10 minutes long, non-denominational Comments
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67 SOF Deliverance & Prophetic Word Ministry
10.00 15 242
Prophet Dale Ward Delicerance revivals % Prophetic Crusades In Your Church. Comments
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68 The Great Commission | Matthew 28:19
10.00 1 238
This site is dedicated to the furtherance of the gospel and the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Comments
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69 Send a Blessing
NR 2 238
Sendblessings.net uses your photos to create 3-D images that include your own personal message or favorite verse from scripture. A special way to share God's word. Handmade scripture jewelry with a message is also available on this site.
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70 Christian Resources
NR 0 238
Find tons of Christian Resources sure to be a blessing to all Christian Freebies Games Radio Stations Pastor resources books and Music
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71 New Beginnings Baptist Church
10.00 40 237
A KJV, IFB, hymn singing, bible preaching, sin hating, God fearing, soulwinning church site. Comments
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72 Book of Reflection
NR 61 236
A Collection of inspirational stories, testimonies, jokes, and many more stories that inspiring our lives. Comments
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73 Holy Fire Ministries
NR 1 236
This site is all about serving, sharing testimonies, prayer requests, and praise reports all for the Glory of the Lord. Will you join Bro. John in reaching the Lost.

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74 Top Prophecies of the Bible Websites
NR 393 235
This site is dedicated to listing Websites which have Bible Prophecy as their main topic. Comments
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75 Born Again Mates
NR 50 233
Born Again Mates - A Premier Christian Forum that targets the Christian Family, the Christian Community, Christian Marriage, and Christian Dating Comments
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