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Rank Title and Description Rating In Out
31 A Testimony Of Answered Prayer.
NR 298 395
A testimony of how a prayer, a cry from the heart for an only daughter who was almost lost to the drug world was answered in less than an hour, praise our heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. Comments
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32 Christ in all the Scriptures
NR 244 390
Bible reading notes, theological articles and sermons Comments
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33 Nathan Publishing
NR 30 377
Free children’s E-book, Christian and personalized books, gifts, birthday and anniversary news events, Star Trek and Star Wars collectibles. Comments
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34 CristoVideos International
NR 0 370
Top christian videos,music and Mp3 come and broadcast your FAITH. Comments
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35 lancessoulsearching
NR 141 355
Inspirational Poetry, Personal Stories, and Life Comments
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36 Digital Sermon Transcription
NR 11 349
ATTENTION PASTORS: We transcribe sermons quickly, accurately, and at an affordable rate. Friendly, dependable service. Free trial. Comments
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37 Guiding Light Praying Ministry
NR 99 349
Helping people in despair by writing and teaching to find there way to the light of Jesus Christ. Comments
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38 Abraham's Seed
NR 0 342
This blog is made for being a blessing to anyone who reads, because we are blessed to be a blessing. This blog provides christian articles, video musics, devotions, poems, humors. Making a better life in this world. Comments
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39 SoulJournaler
NR 0 342
My posts are created as solid as I can get them theologically and doctrinally. I do the best hermeneutics/exegesis I can with the Holy Spirit in the driver's seat. These posts are for people that have hectic schedules and still want meaningful contact wit Comments
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40 Books by Marvin Yakos
10.00 44 342
"Jesus, Jews and Jihad" indispensable knowledge for the free world! “Prevent Life Decay” fasting firepower for a mountain moving life! Comments
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41 HannaProse
9.00 64 338
HannaProse is a Christian website where scriptural and historical Christian information can be read and/or studied by the whole family. Comments
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42 Unedited Truth
NR 226 328
Site dedicated to growing in the knowledge of God through His Son, and our Great Salvation, Jesus Christ. A ministry focused on reaching the all with sound, practical, and easy to understand doctrine Comments
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43 Amy J's Worldview
NR 137 306
Discussing News, Politics, and Matters of Faith from a Conservative Christian Point of View Comments
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44 Bible Money Matters
NR 16 295
A blog about money and personal finance from a biblical perspective. Comments
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45 Church Financing
NR 27 295
Peachstate Financial Services provides church mortgages for church construction, purchase, remodel or refinance. Doing business throughout the United States. Comments
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