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Rank Title and Description Rating In Out
46 Glimpses of God
NR 259 284
I have meat to eat that ye know not of. John 4:32 Comments
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47 Ashley's Gifts Galore
NR 0 283
We sell many items for the home including home decor, candles and holders, Christian items, and much more! Comments
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48 Verseodium
NR 34 279
Christian poetry written by me to share and encourage. Comments
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49 Good4You Christian Books
NR 7 267
A family owned Christian Bookstore featuring bibles, fiction, non-fiction, suspense and inspirational books that are Good4You and your family to read!
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50 The Truth about Sunday Worship
NR 135 264
The truth about Sunday worship and the Three Angels Messages and how they relate to our relationship with God in the last days. Comments
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51 Escape to Reality
NR 0 263
This is a blog about following Jesus and what it means to be a Christian, written by a pastor with 10 years experience leading a cross-cultural church in Asia. Comments
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52 Covenant of Jesus the Christ Church
NR 11 262
Bible study website with information on the truth of the Bible. We read and study the original Scriptures and offer many study tools. We much more than a study website with a variety of resources for Comments
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53 Chat Live Rooms - Chat Live Room - Chat IVideo
NR 1 260
Chat live rooms, chat live room, chat Ivideo, free chat room, free chat, personals, video, dating, christian content by Agagejesus Comments
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54 Hisfirekids.com
NR 1 260
We hope to CONNECT and SUPPORT kids & youth AND those who mentor & train them to BURN in their HEARTS for God with abandon.....we are all called to be carriers of the PRESENCE of GOD.....influencing t Comments
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55 free wooden crosses
NR 0 258
We make Small wooden crosses for Childrens activities. They come in 20 different colors of lanyards. We have sent them to all Christian denominations..The lanyards are plastic lace and are safe for children to wear. We also make crosses for adults mini Comments
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56 God's Grace Saves - ABC'S Of Salvation
NR 118 257
God's Grace Saves ABC'S of Salvation shows the Lords way to Salvation. We have a bible quiz, prayer list and a community. Ephesians 2:8 For by grace are ye saved Comments
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NR 117 257
Great collection of christian album. Comments
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58 Bible Insights Magazine
NR 12 256
An internet magazine focused on Bible study. Bible study material, articles, and help on how to study the Bible. Comments
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59 Straight Talk Youth Ministries
NR 2 256
making a difference in the lives of youth by taking an honest and straighforward approach to the issues of life in accordance with the word of God. Comments
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60 Journey In the Spirit
NR 7 255
Inspirational stories, personal experience, and articles that are all Bible-based and spiritual growth oriented. Comments
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